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Jesse was born in the Ozarks — an 80s kid with a Midwestern upbringing in Springfield, Missouri. At Arizona State University he majored in photography and art history while attending the Herberger Institute of Art and Design. His world has been shaped by his artistic parents: a mother who is a painter and educator and a father who draws and paints; they exposed him to the colorful pop art movement of the 50s, American photo realism of the 70s; and the use of light to celebrate the subjects in the Dutch Baroque, and Renaissance periods — all major influences in his aesthetic.

For the past decade Jesse has carefully constructed a photographic world built on the foundation of celebrating the mundane and humorous elements that often go overlooked in our day-to-day American experience. His use of light and bleached color, leaves the viewer with the illusion that our existence is equally beautiful as it is fleeting. In this world you will find one-time paradisal places and memories framed by our modern anxieties about the past, present, and future — examining our rituals and the artifacts left behind.

Clients find him as a creative additive to the collaborative process not only with his technical expertise but also in the ideation phase. He feels his greatest currency is how he communicates and sees the world. Some call it empathy. Some call it charm. His mom just says he’s a nice young man.

“I’ve worked with tons of photographers that can’t make something great out of nothing. You made gold from a blank canvas. Thank you.” - Devin Gillespie Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy Portland

“It’s no easy task to enter the world of contemporary art color photography, but you have successfully done so with your own unique voice.” - Rob Schaefer Senior Acquisitions Editor, Princeton Architectural Press

“This shoot would not have been such a success without your attention to detail, hands-on approach, and upfront leg work. Thank you!”- Kate Moore Senior Art Producer, Anomaly New York

“When you hire a photographer, you’re not just paying for the final product images; you’re buying the experience of working with that person. You’re hiring a temporary teammate who’s going to help you solve problems and deal with logistical challenges, and hopefully do it in a manner that makes the experience easier and hopefully, fun. As a one-man photo department, I need photographers who will take the reigns of the production and don’t need much hand-holding. Jesse covers all those bases and more. Working with him is a pleasure. He just gets it, especially when it comes to editorial. Most of all, he rolls with the punches, adjusts on the fly, and never stops being a good collaborator. On top of that, you wind up having some fun chats in the process. I look forward to working with Jesse again soon.” - John Toolan Photography Director Field & Stream / Outdoor Life / Popular Science

“You are incapable of taking a normal picture.” - Jen Lamping Lead Print Producer RPA Los Angeles

“Jesse has defined his own style in a way that sets him apart. His candy colors are delectable, his eye for composition so precise and the way he marries the perfect light to each situation is nothing short of masterful. I know whenever we work together, he will return with engaging images that surpass the expectations of the assignment and encourage people to pause and see differently.” - Sarina Finkelstein   Director of Photography | Barron’s & Penta

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Portrait by © Lapo